Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A long Journey to Candy Land

Living lolita is difficult. I do not say this in representation of all lolita as for those of us whom are endowed with good jobs, giving parents, or even amazing seamstress abilities. I am speaking of and only for myself as a lolita with a not so high paying job, not so generous parents, and low but adequate sewing abilities.

Two years ago I had given up lolita. I opted to quit the fashion for a few reasons. I was unhappy with my body and disliked that I was no longer a US size four but rather a 16 and I could not wear any of the adorable things I wanted to. Also I had quit my job and had no money to help fund my habit. Thankfully no patches were needed to help me quit. I stayed far away from EGL (the LJ community) and it's mouthwatering sales journal. One years later I began to change myself as a person. My normal wardrobe went from jeans and t-shirts to nicer tops and slacks or even Capri's and more feminine shoes and heels. I started doing y hair and wearing jewelry.

Finally I got back into lolita fashion and was happy with myself. I would still care to loose weight but I am happy knowing I can sew things and buy shirred dresses that fit just fine or even have things commissioned. I now have a steady job though it doesn't pay very well but it's acceptable. I can save and buy my lolita. ^_^

So now my goal is my room. I am trying desperately to "lolify" it to the best of my abilities. Tomorrow I will have a good description and pics of what my room now looks like. I am not done just yet.

This picture is one of a few that finally inspired me to get back into lolita. Over the next few days, I will share the rest that I have with me. This made me happy and made me want to come back and be sweet! ^.O

Hope to see everyone tomorrow.

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  1. Ahh even though I too am skinny, I am more on the curvy hip side (no but but I have hips apparently), so even if i get in shape i'll still be curvy, but in lolita most of the ideal look is to just be sorta straight slender.
    Then I realized, that as long as it fits and looks good, that's all that matters, reguardless of weight. So I'm sure you'll look adorable. Besides just eat healthy, not lose weight.