Monday, June 22, 2009

Enter the Interpid Child

My name is Sara. I am 22-years-old and I am a Lolita.

I have many friends here who are also lolita or just getting started in the fashion. I myself found lolita perhaps four years ago (2005), through a close friend of mine and have been enamored with its elegance ever since. To each separate branch of lolita fashion, I do hold some love or some opinion be it of small or giant proportions.

I am not a thin person. I am on a slow but managable road to being thin again, though I have no gaurentee of how long it will take to get to my destination. I am by no means at a weight that may be detramental to my physical health, but I've no qualms about losing some of it.

Sweet lolita is one of my favorite styles as it allows me to wear cute clothing in a variety of colors. The dresses that I keep my eyes on are fully shirred. Currently I do own one Baby The Stars Shine Bright jumper skirt in pink and white. It is my favorite piece and having finally gotten back into lolita after a one-year hiatus, it was my first brand piece. Sweet lolita appeals to me as well for it's Ability to encorporate variety and choice. The style can be anything from a simple blouse and skirt combination to what is often reffered to as Over The Top or OTT lolita. This would involve lots of accessories, and sometimes even a matching hair color. Though, I personally don't have the smaller frame for a good OTT lolita, I am a lover of the over all appearance of it.

Gothic lolita is my next favorite. This fashion is much easier to coordinate for me. I enjoy a simple black and white piece. With the many options in black and white accessories, it allows me to put on what I feel like wearing, and not just settle for the only matching pink headdress I own.

Classic lolita is my personal goal. When I can fit into classic lolita dresses that are from brand companies, I believe that then I will feel satified with myself. Though with my own bust size, I'm not sure if any specific weight would in fact allow me to fit one. ^_^'

I tend to sew my own clothing. Skirts are really the only think I am skilled at doing. My current project is a blue bustle skirt to go benieth a draidle print over bustle I made last year. I'm excited for it to be done, but currently, I am running quite low on elastic for the waist band. I wonder if I should perhaps to one that looks fitted but is shirred in the back. We will see.

See you all for a later update.

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