Sunday, June 28, 2009

Mr.Teapot on my Shoulder...

I spent the last four days 200 miles south of my home. My family put up with my strangeness and surprisingly they all loved lolita. I might have mentioned it to them before but I never really showed them anything, and I certainly didn't bring my clothing. This time I packed my pink and white baby JSK, white AatP socks, off brand bloomers, montreal shoes, home made petti, and a target blouse to show and posibly wear to a last minute mini meet. I did show my aunt who took pictures, but no meets were had. Instead, Grandma took me to an indoor flea market called the festival. I have been there before but this time was the best.

Teapot purse! :D This one made my day.

The bunny is glass. I will name him... Mimi.

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