Monday, August 3, 2009

A day or so ago I recieved my very first pair of bloomers that work well. They are white with a very soft lace trim in the bottom. They stretch well and they fit wonderfully! Yay for new under garments.

An update on my room

I had a garage sale last Saturday, and made $200. There is no more furniture in my room with the purpose of holding clothing. All that's left is my bed, a computer desk, and a bookshelf. There is an echo in my room and I am so excited to redecorate!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A sad day for my bank account

Well hello everyone! 1 new follower I see. Well welcome to my blog. ^^ Today I have for you a peek at my newest possessions and projects.

Today I made my purchase of a Baby The Stars Shine Bright, sweet check One Piece. I payed $185 as it was previously worn and a has a bit of discoloration on the back. Doesn't matter. My hair covers it and it's just some yellowing on the lace. :D

First up is my new Sweet check.

Review: I love it. The sleeves are a bit snug but I can deal with it. There is no shirring around the bust but rather it's just below the bust at the waist. The lace is so wonderful and the ribbon is so thick but the dress itself is so light and airy.

Next is my Baby The Stars Shine Bright Alice Bow. I bought it from an EGL user and found that if I wear it right side up, it looks so much better then when I had it on upside down.

This is Yuwen. He is a boy. He is a tranny doll. XD I made him everything he is wearing except his Luts underwear and his shoes. I'm so glad he got them. He never stood before. Then I got these put them on and all of a sudden he's standing. @_@

As for my new boots, they are a bit too big. Until I decide to sell or keep them I won't be posting them.

See you all soon!

Monday, July 27, 2009

You are not alone.

So many things have happened. I plan on making quite a post soon, I promise I have not abandoned my blog. I am waiting to acquire a new OP. A sweet check Baby The Stars Shine Bright One Piece to be exact! I have new shoes to show, as does my doll, and even new bloomers, as well as a headpiece or many! It will be Wednesday or Thursday when I update my newest wardrobe additions.


See you all then!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Of Telephones and ice cream

Today I received my iPhone cover! It's a deco case made by an EGL LJ user. ^_^ I paid I think $32.00 all together with shipping. I LOVE IT! It's just so cute!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

So many things to be done. Soon I will be removing my larger dresser from my room which will make way for a sewing table. I hope to do this soon. I also hope to hold a garage sale soon. With that money I can not be 100% sure what I might do.

A "small" list of the things I need or need to do

Buy a sewing desk
Buy a new computer
Make a kimono
Weed the garden
Get school books
Buy a full length mirror
Sell my yaoi

I am slowly working through this list and once it is done, the only goal I will be left with is to loose weight. I want to be able to buy lolita and not wonder if the shirring will stretch.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Mr.Teapot on my Shoulder...

I spent the last four days 200 miles south of my home. My family put up with my strangeness and surprisingly they all loved lolita. I might have mentioned it to them before but I never really showed them anything, and I certainly didn't bring my clothing. This time I packed my pink and white baby JSK, white AatP socks, off brand bloomers, montreal shoes, home made petti, and a target blouse to show and posibly wear to a last minute mini meet. I did show my aunt who took pictures, but no meets were had. Instead, Grandma took me to an indoor flea market called the festival. I have been there before but this time was the best.

Teapot purse! :D This one made my day.

The bunny is glass. I will name him... Mimi.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Loli in the Palm Trees

I am currently down in South Florida. I am excited as my grandmother keeps buying me things. ^_^ I will have photos perhaps tomorrow evening or maybe even tonight if I get around to it. I must apologise for this short post but I am on my aunts computer and I'll update in a few days when I get home on Sunday with pics if not before.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Surround me With Familiar Things

This is my room.

So Previously my room was... was it was an unorganized mess. >.<
This is my bed which I know am sure to make in the morning. My kitty is always there. In fact, she is there now as I am typing this. My mannequin (named Quinn) is displaying my pink and white BTSSB bustle JSK, home made petti, target blouse, and BTSSB bonnet which I just threw there until I get some more good hangers. ^^

This is my newest addition. Here we have my new computer desk and above it my well organised antique photos. I will post more as my room changes. ^.^

Here is another of the pics that made me come back.

See everyone tomorrow!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A long Journey to Candy Land

Living lolita is difficult. I do not say this in representation of all lolita as for those of us whom are endowed with good jobs, giving parents, or even amazing seamstress abilities. I am speaking of and only for myself as a lolita with a not so high paying job, not so generous parents, and low but adequate sewing abilities.

Two years ago I had given up lolita. I opted to quit the fashion for a few reasons. I was unhappy with my body and disliked that I was no longer a US size four but rather a 16 and I could not wear any of the adorable things I wanted to. Also I had quit my job and had no money to help fund my habit. Thankfully no patches were needed to help me quit. I stayed far away from EGL (the LJ community) and it's mouthwatering sales journal. One years later I began to change myself as a person. My normal wardrobe went from jeans and t-shirts to nicer tops and slacks or even Capri's and more feminine shoes and heels. I started doing y hair and wearing jewelry.

Finally I got back into lolita fashion and was happy with myself. I would still care to loose weight but I am happy knowing I can sew things and buy shirred dresses that fit just fine or even have things commissioned. I now have a steady job though it doesn't pay very well but it's acceptable. I can save and buy my lolita. ^_^

So now my goal is my room. I am trying desperately to "lolify" it to the best of my abilities. Tomorrow I will have a good description and pics of what my room now looks like. I am not done just yet.

This picture is one of a few that finally inspired me to get back into lolita. Over the next few days, I will share the rest that I have with me. This made me happy and made me want to come back and be sweet! ^.O

Hope to see everyone tomorrow.

Monday, June 22, 2009

A Completed Garment

Last Hanukkah I purchased almost 10 yards of this very beautiful holiday fabric covered in traditional ornate style dreidels. At the time I was on a sort of sewing kick. I made the over bustles to tie about my waist but I never made nor do I own an under bustle. Tonight I finally finished my blue under bustle. Here are a few photos!

Enter the Interpid Child

My name is Sara. I am 22-years-old and I am a Lolita.

I have many friends here who are also lolita or just getting started in the fashion. I myself found lolita perhaps four years ago (2005), through a close friend of mine and have been enamored with its elegance ever since. To each separate branch of lolita fashion, I do hold some love or some opinion be it of small or giant proportions.

I am not a thin person. I am on a slow but managable road to being thin again, though I have no gaurentee of how long it will take to get to my destination. I am by no means at a weight that may be detramental to my physical health, but I've no qualms about losing some of it.

Sweet lolita is one of my favorite styles as it allows me to wear cute clothing in a variety of colors. The dresses that I keep my eyes on are fully shirred. Currently I do own one Baby The Stars Shine Bright jumper skirt in pink and white. It is my favorite piece and having finally gotten back into lolita after a one-year hiatus, it was my first brand piece. Sweet lolita appeals to me as well for it's Ability to encorporate variety and choice. The style can be anything from a simple blouse and skirt combination to what is often reffered to as Over The Top or OTT lolita. This would involve lots of accessories, and sometimes even a matching hair color. Though, I personally don't have the smaller frame for a good OTT lolita, I am a lover of the over all appearance of it.

Gothic lolita is my next favorite. This fashion is much easier to coordinate for me. I enjoy a simple black and white piece. With the many options in black and white accessories, it allows me to put on what I feel like wearing, and not just settle for the only matching pink headdress I own.

Classic lolita is my personal goal. When I can fit into classic lolita dresses that are from brand companies, I believe that then I will feel satified with myself. Though with my own bust size, I'm not sure if any specific weight would in fact allow me to fit one. ^_^'

I tend to sew my own clothing. Skirts are really the only think I am skilled at doing. My current project is a blue bustle skirt to go benieth a draidle print over bustle I made last year. I'm excited for it to be done, but currently, I am running quite low on elastic for the waist band. I wonder if I should perhaps to one that looks fitted but is shirred in the back. We will see.

See you all for a later update.