Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A sad day for my bank account

Well hello everyone! 1 new follower I see. Well welcome to my blog. ^^ Today I have for you a peek at my newest possessions and projects.

Today I made my purchase of a Baby The Stars Shine Bright, sweet check One Piece. I payed $185 as it was previously worn and a has a bit of discoloration on the back. Doesn't matter. My hair covers it and it's just some yellowing on the lace. :D

First up is my new Sweet check.

Review: I love it. The sleeves are a bit snug but I can deal with it. There is no shirring around the bust but rather it's just below the bust at the waist. The lace is so wonderful and the ribbon is so thick but the dress itself is so light and airy.

Next is my Baby The Stars Shine Bright Alice Bow. I bought it from an EGL user and found that if I wear it right side up, it looks so much better then when I had it on upside down.

This is Yuwen. He is a boy. He is a tranny doll. XD I made him everything he is wearing except his Luts underwear and his shoes. I'm so glad he got them. He never stood before. Then I got these put them on and all of a sudden he's standing. @_@

As for my new boots, they are a bit too big. Until I decide to sell or keep them I won't be posting them.

See you all soon!

Monday, July 27, 2009

You are not alone.

So many things have happened. I plan on making quite a post soon, I promise I have not abandoned my blog. I am waiting to acquire a new OP. A sweet check Baby The Stars Shine Bright One Piece to be exact! I have new shoes to show, as does my doll, and even new bloomers, as well as a headpiece or many! It will be Wednesday or Thursday when I update my newest wardrobe additions.


See you all then!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Of Telephones and ice cream

Today I received my iPhone cover! It's a deco case made by an EGL LJ user. ^_^ I paid I think $32.00 all together with shipping. I LOVE IT! It's just so cute!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

So many things to be done. Soon I will be removing my larger dresser from my room which will make way for a sewing table. I hope to do this soon. I also hope to hold a garage sale soon. With that money I can not be 100% sure what I might do.

A "small" list of the things I need or need to do

Buy a sewing desk
Buy a new computer
Make a kimono
Weed the garden
Get school books
Buy a full length mirror
Sell my yaoi

I am slowly working through this list and once it is done, the only goal I will be left with is to loose weight. I want to be able to buy lolita and not wonder if the shirring will stretch.